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What Makes Organic Welsh Pork Special?

Think about the best pulled pork recipe you’ve ever had. Do you think it was because you got the right seasonings for it or you prepared it the right way? Well, the truth is that you might have used organic Welsh pork for your recipe.

organic welsh pork

You have to think about buying local organic pork if you want to create the best possible recipes. The reasons why you should get this pork for your recipes are numerous and important to see.

Welsh Farmers Are Experienced

Welsh pork farms are run by some of the most experienced farmers around. These include many farms that have been run by several generations of families. These families will do anything to ensure that they keep their hogs raised properly without the use of chemicals or anything that might artificially impact them.

Pigs Are Treated Right

The pigs that are prepared at these organic Welsh pork farms are treated with plenty of care. This works through a number of important practices:

·        Pigs are taken care of in smaller herds. This keeps them from suffering from too much stress, thus ensuring that their meat can develop properly.

·        They are also reared for a longer period of time. This ensures the pigs will be fully matured and developed.

·        The pigs are also kept out with careful schedules to keep them comfortable. This includes keeping them indoors during unfavorable conditions where the weather isn’t perfect or bright.

·        Pigs are also kept away from steroids and growth hormones among other components. These are things that often keep a pig from developing properly and may actually do more long term damage to their bodies. Check out Porc.Wales

Butchers Work Hard To Make Pork Perfect

Butchers are just as responsible for making organic Welsh porkenjoyable as the farmers are. Much of this comes from the supply chains being rather short. That is, farmers often have direct connections with butcher shops around Wales. The lack of a middleman when getting meat shipped out to and from different spaces is a big part of what makes this pork keep a great quality.

Butchers also focus on making sure all pieces of pork are trimmed and prepared right. The darker colours on the skin and the pink flesh are telltale signs that a butcher has done well with keeping the pork ready for sale. The leanest cuts of pork are especially trimmed and prepared for sale to make the meat all the more useful for recipes.

Plenty Of Cuts Are Made Too

Pork farmers always focus heavily on preparing their pigs to ensure that all cuts are separate from one another. The loin, spare rib and leg are always separate, for instance. This is to ensure that the right types of meat are divided up while giving people who are looking for fine meat products the best things that they could ever enjoy on their dinner tables.

These are all great parts of what makes organic Welsh pork so valuable. You can learn more about Welsh pork and how it’s prepared by visitingwww.proc.wales. The site will provide you with details on how farms around Wales work and what they have to offer to today’s butchers.