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The Rise of Budget Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is one of most popular tourist spots. The city is also the home for several industries and popular business houses. Thousands of tourists visit Bangkok either as tourists or on business assignments. With so many tourists visiting the city every day, naturally there is great demand for accommodation. Many tourists are of the opinion that finding a suitable accommodation in Bangkok is a challenging task. But, in reality, finding a suitable accommodation is not difficult because you find several budget hotels Bangkok has today, which provide comfortable accommodation.

All Amenities with Lower Rental Rates

These affordable hotels are spread over the entire length and breadth of Bangkok. Interestingly, many of the star hotels in Bangkok also offer accommodation at affordable rentals. By the term budget hotels do not be under the impression that these hotels have lower amenities. In reality, these economy hotels provide all the amenities, and yet they have lower rental.

Salient features of budget hotels Bangkok has today are briefly explained below:

  • Discount:  Various budget hotels have lower rental costs. Surprisingly, some of these budget hotels in addition to the lower rental also provide various kinds of discounts, which would be a wonderful opportunity for the tourists to save a considerable amount of money. Interestingly, some of the hotels offer discounts on advance booking of accommodation, which is yet another wonderful way of saving money.
  • Centrally Located: Many of the hotels in Bangkok are located either very close to the malls or places of tourist interest, railway stations or airports. In fact, some of the hotels are located at just about fifteen minutes drive from the airport. Similarly, you also find hotels in close proximity to the airport linked railway station. As a result, transportation to the airport or other places would not pose any difficulty at all.
  • Spacious accommodation: The economy hotels in Bangkok provide spacious accommodation with several amenities such as telephone, television, comfortable furniture, attached bathroom, comfortable bed and so on. Some of the budget hotels even provide welcome drinks.
  • Save on food: The hotels in Bangkok serve most delicious multi-cuisine recipes. In fact, they also serve traditional Thai food and drinks. Further, some of the hotels in Bangkok even offer discount on breakfast or lunch or dinner. Naturally, all these help you to save a considerable amount of money. In addition to these, you also find hotels offering free pick up and drop to the nearest airport or railway station. It is needless to say, even these add up to saving a considerable amount of money.

Book Accommodation in Advance

Finding budget hotels Bangkok has to offer at an affordable price is not difficult at all. Of course, with thousands of tourists visiting Bangkok, there has been a considerable increase in the demand for accommodation. It is for this reason tour operators suggest that accommodation should be booked sufficiently in advance. You can book your accommodation either through authorized travel agencies or through online booking. Before you book the accommodation carefully go through the terms and conditions set out by the hotel and also the rental pattern.