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Key Components in Successful Ecommerce Website Design

The ecommerce has completely simplified the business landscape. It is now possible to launch a very viable business with very little capital and without even opening an office. Millions of businesses are launched every year in this way across the world including in Leicester. Some of them go to be big winners but some barely take off and close soon after. Leicester ecommerce website design plays a critical role ensuring the sustainability of the business if it is done the right way. However, in order to reap those returns, there are certain critical components in the ecommerce web design that must be kept in mind when building the website that will soon be your storefront.

Leicester eCommerce website design

Building the website

The kind of ecommerce web design approach that you take will help define the kind of brand that you are. If you do a good job, you can present yourself as a trusted and legitimate business that consumers can trust and be loyal to. If you do a shoddy job, your website will barely convert visitors into customers. Your site will communicate a lack of credibility and whether you like it or not, you will soon be closing the doors of the business unless you make a radical change.

The rates of conversion for any website is dependent on the structure of the website as well as visual appeal. Consumers generally make emotional decisions with regards to who or where they buy from. So if your design is presentable and convincing, you are likely going to get better conversions. When it comes to ecommerce website design geared for maximum conversions, you have to look at factors such as the colors, fonts and graphics that you will use. Additionally, you have to incorporate ease of navigation, links which are valid, intuitive shopping cart and search options. Professional ecommerce services in Leicester generally incorporate very a strategic ecommerce web design process which captures all of these nuances in order to ensure maximum conversions.

The good thing is that there are great content management systems that can help you with your Leicester ecommerce website design projects. Some of these offer you very easy access to customization options so that you can roll out your ecommerce websites relatively quickly into the marketplace.

Flexibility and Scalability

When it comes to Leicester ecommerce website design, you never know how the business is going to pan out in the future. In some instances, it is going to go under and in some, it will turn out into a very robust business with healthy revenues. When you are working on the ecommerce website design in Leicester, therefore, do not just focus on the current needs. Instead, think of the future. What if your future demands outstrip current demands? Will you be able to scale it up easily? Platform must also allow for easy future upgrades.

Page Speed

Speed issues can cost you dearly when it comes to ecommerce website design. Consumers do not have all the time to sit idly as the page loads slowly. So it is important to optimize the ecommerce platform for quick loading times, otherwise low speeds are going to contribute to higher bounce rates in your ecommerce website.

Mobile Responsiveness

In a smartphone-dominated planet, you just can’t afford to have a website that is not responsive and which is not optimized for a multiplicity of screen resolutions. Having an ecommerce website that is mobile-friendly is very crucial for success in business.


SEO and professional website design are some of the most important features when it comes to ecommerce website design. It is SEO which will give you the visibility that you need. The website and all the product pages must be well-optimized for the search engines in order to help you capture most of the organic traffic. Make it easier for your prospective customers to find you by being on the first page.

Good security

Your website must inspire consumer confidence so that they can shop on your web portal without any worries. Portals such as Magento have robust security functionality that will protect your transactions but it is important to take extra security measures with the help of your web developer.

These are some of the qualities that will help you build a winning ecommerce portal. Do not forget about the shopping cart. Have an intuitive design that is well-positioned to increase your web conversions. If you can put together all the pieces, you will be able to have an ecommerce portal that can compete with the best out there. For more details, just visit HTTP://WWW.LEICESTERWEBSITEDESIGN.COM/ECOMMERCE.HTML