Guide to a Romantic Getaway in Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is a 90-minute drive from Melbourne in Australia. It is a summertime playground for the locals because it is away from the city yet accessible enough for a quick drive for those looking for a getaway. If you want to experience the romantic getaway Mornington Peninsula has to offer, you will undoubtedly have a memorable time. The peninsula is beautiful all year round and provides a beautiful backdrop for a romantic trip on a weekend.
romantic getaway mornington peninsula
To make the most of your romantic getaway in Mornington Peninsula, you must plan your trip ahead of time. Take note of a few destinations you can add to your itinerary. You could also consider to stay in this idyllic and beautiful destination for a few days to sulk in all the sights and attractions.
Sorrento is one of the best places to go to for a Mornington Peninsula romantic getaway. It is one of the first European settlements in Victoria and therefore considered a fashionable town. If you explore the town on foot, you will be able to see the limestone buildings that were built way back in the 1800s. Most of these buildings are well preserved under the care of the National Trust and are standing today. When you explore the beachfront at dawn or to have a dip, you will be in awe by the many dining options, cafes and shops near the beachfront. This is  a testament to Sorrento’s popularity as a tourist destination for those looking to take advantage of the romantic getaway Mornington Peninsula has to offer.
One of the most unique experiences you will enjoy during your time in Mornington Peninsula is the ability to enjoy horseback riding on the beach. If this sounds interesting to you, you should inquire about the Gunnamatta Trail Rides. This is every beach and horse lovers’ dream to explore the pristine beach at sunset while riding the horse’s back. The ride takes you through a stretch of a beautiful, surf beach. This is recommended for both advanced and beginner horse riders. Nothing can be more romantic than riding a horse on the beach at sunset!
Due to the beauty of the peninsula, it is a must to see the coast from the cruise! Make sure you book a sunset cruise when you visit this destination since this is the best romantic getaway Mornington Peninsula has to offer. Most cruises last for up to 40 minutes wherein you can explore the two seaside towns in Mornington Peninsula: Sorrento and Queenscliff. The large windows and wide deck provides cruise passengers the opportunity to see every bit of view that the peninsula can offer.
For other romantic explorations in Mornington Peninsula, you can head to the Red Hill Market. This is Victoria’s original craft market and is a great destination for the art lovers. Meanwhile, there are also other destinations to explore for those looking for real-life art galleries. You can visit the Gordo Studio in Red Hill to see display of glass blowers’ work. Or, you can see the massive exhibit of Sorrento’s top artists held in Victoria each January.