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Factors to consider before settling on a wedding venue

One of the most critical decisions that a couple or a wedding planner can make is choosing the wedding venue.  This is because, the venue not only sets the scene, but dictates most of the decisions related to the ceremony.  Some of the wedding venues include churches, gardens and beaches among others. Moreover, a couple can opt for a city or countryside wedding, depending with their taste and preferences as well as their budget. Cape Dara Resort, a 5 star hotel and a beach resort in Thailand offers its clients a private wedding Thailand. A beach wedding Thailand would offer a couple the opportunities of having a wonderful experience as well as a making a great memory during their big day. This is due to the fact that Thailand is known to having the greatest beaches globally. In addition, a beach wedding in most cases is less involving compared to a traditional wedding. This is due to the fact that the wedding set up comprises of nature and hence cannot further be created. Notably, a beach wedding Thailand would be less costly compared to a traditional wedding since there are no site fee costs to be incurred.

Discussed below are the various factors that should be considered by a couple or a wedding planner needs to before settling on a wedding venue.

Location of the venue

A couple should ensure that the location they select can be easily accessed by majority of their guests. In their invitation cards, they can attach a map that’s showing the geographical location of the venue. This would save the guests a lot of time and save them from the trouble of losing their way. In case a couple is providing transportation means to the venue, they should ensure that the departure time is well communicated to their expected guests. This would save them a lot of time.

Availability and size of the venue

The venue to be selected should be large enough to accommodate the guests that are expected to be attending the ceremony. Therefore, it would be appropriate for the wedding planners to have a guest list as this would assist in determining the most suitable venue size, for example for a beach wedding Thailand event. Moreover, most of the facilities require a rough estimate of the expected guests for planning purposes and to be the base for the deposit required. The couple in addition should match their wedding date to the dates that such a venue would be available. Booking of such events should be made early enough so as to avoid last minute rush.

Services offered

One of the major concerns of a couple that’s planning their wedding is whether the facility they are to hire offers in-house catering.  In a situation where such services are available, the couple should ensure that the foods and beverages offered are of quality and meet their standards. They can sample the various menu options before paying the required deposit. It would even be advisable for the couple to visit a party hosted by the caterers so as to see how they prepare and present the delicacies.