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Factors to consider before settling on a wedding venue

One of the most critical decisions that a couple or a wedding planner can make is choosing the wedding venue.  This is because, the venue not only sets the scene, but dictates most of the decisions related to the ceremony.  Some of the wedding venues include churches, gardens and beaches among others. Moreover, a couple can opt for a city or countryside wedding, depending with their taste and preferences as well as their budget. Cape Dara Resort, a 5 star hotel and a beach resort in Thailand offers its clients a private wedding Thailand. A beach wedding Thailand would offer a couple the opportunities of having a wonderful experience as well as a making a great memory during their big day. This is due to the fact that Thailand is known to having the greatest beaches globally. In addition, a beach wedding in most cases is less involving compared to a traditional wedding. This is due to the fact that the wedding set up comprises of nature and hence cannot further be created. Notably, a beach wedding Thailand would be less costly compared to a traditional wedding since there are no site fee costs to be incurred.

Discussed below are the various factors that should be considered by a couple or a wedding planner needs to before settling on a wedding venue.

Location of the venue

A couple should ensure that the location they select can be easily accessed by majority of their guests. In their invitation cards, they can attach a map that’s showing the geographical location of the venue. This would save the guests a lot of time and save them from the trouble of losing their way. In case a couple is providing transportation means to the venue, they should ensure that the departure time is well communicated to their expected guests. This would save them a lot of time.

Availability and size of the venue

The venue to be selected should be large enough to accommodate the guests that are expected to be attending the ceremony. Therefore, it would be appropriate for the wedding planners to have a guest list as this would assist in determining the most suitable venue size, for example for a beach wedding Thailand event. Moreover, most of the facilities require a rough estimate of the expected guests for planning purposes and to be the base for the deposit required. The couple in addition should match their wedding date to the dates that such a venue would be available. Booking of such events should be made early enough so as to avoid last minute rush.

Services offered

One of the major concerns of a couple that’s planning their wedding is whether the facility they are to hire offers in-house catering.  In a situation where such services are available, the couple should ensure that the foods and beverages offered are of quality and meet their standards. They can sample the various menu options before paying the required deposit. It would even be advisable for the couple to visit a party hosted by the caterers so as to see how they prepare and present the delicacies.

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LWSMA Helps You Obtain Your Visa with a Peace of Mind

Many factors can influence a person’s decision to migrate in Australia. One is to strive for a better quality of life. If you live overseas and are greatly interested to settle and work in Australia, you must first know about the different visa options available to you. Check out LWS Migration Advisory for migration visa options.

lws migration

LWS Migration Advisory

Considered as one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world, Australia has powerful pull factors that encourage temporary and permanent residency from citizens around the globe.

Quality of Life: Australians enjoy a high standard of living, as well as a relaxed lifestyle. From housing to education, healthcare system, public transport, career options, and the list goes on. This is often the top-most reason why people are migrating to this beautiful country.

Culture: There is high acceptance and tolerance for foreigners staying in Australia. People from all walks of life are welcomed in this country, since Aussies are known to be really hospitable people. Harmony is felt between people of different ethnic backgrounds.

Immense Career Opportunities: Many Australian businesses are still experiencing skill shortages. This fact opens up doors for many overseas skilled workers to take up employment with these companies.

Outstanding Education Opportunities: Australia is globally-known to have a world-class education system, offering a wide range of opportunities for all age groups and levels of ability.

Weather: People from tropical or colder countries can easily adapt to the temperate weather of Australia, with most states often experiencing warm weather.

While the factors mentioned above sound very appealing, obtaining visas for yourself and for your family can be a real struggle – especially if you’re not equipped with the know-hows on visa applications. LWS Migration Advisory is here to offer their migration advice and representation for people who are seeking to acquire a visa in Australia. They provide a full range of professional migration services, as well as visa packages.

LWS Migration Advisory Visa Packages

Application Review Pack

This package is suitable for clients who have accomplished their visa application on their own and to those who want to apply by themselves. A registered migration agent will help ease the process by reviewing the application. After a thorough review, the agent will offer an extensive report on how to increase the client’s success rate.

Visit LWSMA Application Review Pack for more details.

Economy Service Pack

This package is for clients who only need minimal guidance. Clients who can self-manage and submit a valid visa application may just need limited immigration advice. Here, the registered migration agent will have a face-to-face consultation with the client for about two hours – providing a comprehensive guide according to the needs of the client.

Visit LWSMA Economy Service Pack for more details.

Premium Service Pack

This package offers the most comprehensive migration service. The visa application will be completely handled by the registered migration agent from the beginning until the end – from initial assessment to documentation guidance, detailed assessment, visa submission, processing, and decision.

Corporate Service Pack

This package is designed to help Australian companies keep their skilled workers or sponsor overseas applicants who have the right skills and experience that local companies need.

For a detailed information about LWSMA visa packages and services, visit their official website at

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Enjoying Great Family Holiday Packages at Burleigh Heads Beach Tower

Queensland offers memorable family holiday trips at affordable prices. Such is the Burleigh Beach Holiday Apartments, a family accommodation Gold Coast option. This facility offers an excellent place to stay near one of the most iconic beaches on Australia’s South Coast Region.

Family Accommodation Gold Coast

Family Accommodation Gold Coast

Here, you can enjoy getaways – filled with magical moments that will leave you and your family life-long memories. The beach is also patrolled throughout the year, popular for its “Burleigh Barrel”. It hosts numerous events every year as well, including some of the best surfing contests on this area of South Coast.

What to Expect at this Family Accommodation Facility

The Burleigh Heads accommodation facility sits on an excellent location, which is only 30m away from the popular Burleigh Heads Beach.  Various amenities and attractions in this Gold Coast beach are also within easy reach from Burleigh Heads Holiday Apartments. These include shops, restaurants, clubs, and cafes – all of which are located within 30 to 200m away from the apartment hotel.

Moreover, this 17-storey building offers excellent views of the Stradbroke Islands. Each of the apartments offers guests two bedrooms, including a master en-suite. The second bedroom in this apartment hotel comes with a twin bed, as well as a separate master bathroom. Visitors will definitely appreciate the spaciousness and luxuriousness of this facility.

This, combined with a world-class service and affordability, makes it one of the most preferred family accommodation Gold Coast options. You will certainly appreciate stunning views of the Burleigh Beach from their hotel rooms. Each guest is also afforded a private balcony.


These apartments are festooned with a host of amenities, making your stay as comfortable as possible.  Every apartment is self-contained that comes with an equipped kitchen, as well as laundry facilities. These apartments are also equipped with air-conditioning fittings, broadband and Wi-Fi connections, and PABX phones.

In addition, there is an inclusive Foxtel service in this apartment hotel. Unique styling is also employed in each of their rooms as you can choose something that truly adheres to your unique tastes and preferences.


There is a long checklist of things that you can see and do during your stay in this family accommodation Gold Coast facility. These include taking river or canal cruises, visiting the Burleigh craft markets, the Gold Coast Cultural Centre, the Pacific Fair, the Burleigh Town Marketplace, the Sanctuary Cove, and the Burleigh National Park amongst others.

Book your family accommodation Gold Coast at this facility now! You can find special offers and promotions when you catch their early bird tickets. You can also subscribe for some special offers, so as to grab the best deals on your Gold Coast accommodation at the earliest time possible.

With stunning views, excellent amenities, and prices to die for – the Burleigh Heads Holiday Apartments is your best bet if you are looking for excellent accommodations withn the Gold Coast Region or specifically, right at the Burleigh Heads Beach.

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Some Nice Boutique Hotels in Hammersmith

Looking for some excellent hotels Hammersmith options?  Whatever your budget or preferences, this stylish West London address offers a great selection of accommodation options that you can opt for when visiting London city. There are many reasons why guests choose Hammersmith for their stay when visiting London. It is a highly convenient location with numerous transport connections and a great range of amenities and attractions to sample and experience. Here are some hotels with unique offerings that you can opt for when looking for a quality place to stay in Hammersmith:

hotels hammersmith

hotels hammersmith

St Paul’s Hotel

St Paul’s Hotel is situated only five minutes from the Hammersmith Tube Station and the Kensington Exhibition Centre. The stylish boutique hotel in Hammersmith is based in a building that dates back to the late 19th century. Other key areas in close proximity to the hotel include the Baron’s Court and the Broadway Shopping Centre. Apart from the good tube and highway connection, the hotel is also situated only 20 minutes from the London Heathrow Airport.

The bedrooms at the facility are beautiful and elegantly designed. Each of the bedrooms in the boutique hotel offers guests its own unique character and experience along with an elegant fireplace. Some of the amenities found in the rooms include the tea and coffee-making facilities, an en-suite bathroom, TVs with satellite channels, hairdryer, minibars, and a cozy bathrobe.

You can partake of some sumptuous and creative British menu with creative wine choices at the Melody Restaurant, also offering guests some romantic and elegant settings. As you will discover, the building on which the hotel stands also has an interesting history and a role played during the WWII.

The Pearl Hotel London

This is a relatively new boutique hotel in London and is characterized by its stylish rooms and ambient décor. The colors at the hotel are fresh and neutral and each of the rooms comes with some luxuries like a luxury private bathroom. Rooms have amenities such as flat screen LCD TVs, Wi-Fi connection, along with tea and coffee-making facilities. The hotel is based on an old townhouse which has recently undergone refurbishment.

The Bentley Hotel London

The discrete luxury boutique hotel situated in the residential area in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea is one of London’s best kept secrets. It offers convenient access to the exclusive shopping areas such as Harrods and King’s Road in Chelsea. With luxurious bedrooms, a spa, restaurant and a cocktail lounge, you can experience a home away from home feeling here.

Sapphire Hotel

This is another boutique accommodation option of the hotels Hammersmith options.  It is a three star facility that sits in a superb location in London. From here, you can easily access the Westfield Shopping Mall – the largest in Europe – which is only a few minutes’ walk away.

Another advantage of the accommodation option is that you can easily access some of the London’s greatest attractions within a 5 mile radius of the hotel. The hotel is newly refurbished with great en suite rooms and marble bathrooms with soft luxuriant lighting.  The hotel furnishing is modern with a contemporary styling. The ambience at the facility is good for relaxation.

There are many things to do in Hammersmith while staying here. Some of the places that you can visit with close proximity to the hotel facility include the Hammersmith Apollo, the Oxford Street, the Houses of Parliament, the Kensington Olympia and the Shepherd’s Bush Empire amongst others. Check out for best offers on hotels Hammersmith accommodation options.

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Hotels in Cardiff, the place to be in U.K.

Looking for cheap accommodation for an evening layover in the heart of U.K ‘s Cardiff city? Top accommodation options are readily available in Cardiff for those visiting this cultural and commercial hub of Wales. The hotels Cardiff has always satisfies various tastes of the great number of guests that come here. Those either taking part in various events in the Millennium Stadium, visiting the glamorous shopping centers, coming for holidays or simply wanting to have fun in the amazing nightlife in the city find great pleasure here. Many of the attractions in UK’s Cardiff have lucrative but cheap hotels. The accommodation options are as diverse as the tastes of the guests coming here.

hotel cardiff

hotels cardiff

One of the cheap hotels in Cardiff is the Radisson Blu Hotel Cardiff which is a 21-storey building located within the city. The guests enjoy having a good view of the city right from the guest rooms. The hotels have rooms spacious enough to cater for all those attending events at Cardiff”s Millennium Stadium. This accommodation option has rooms with air-conditioners as well as free wi-fi hence the hotels’ esteemed customers do not have to worry about making internet arrangements. There is life here for those who need to relax after a long period of hustling with work and studies. For those who prefer to rest at the Ibis Cardiff Gate, they are sure of a top quality accommodation option at very low costs. This is the most recommended hotel for Cardiff and Newport visitors. Here visitors can easily access the central business district and enjoy a host of amenities.

Budget travellers who mostly come to work in this city prefer a cheap hotel in Cardiff such as Mercure Cardiff Centre Hotel. It is not only cheap, but also features amenities such as an en suite power shower and air-conditioned rooms which give customers a unique opportunity to refresh and relax. In addition, the work desks are fitted with LCD TVs for both entertainment and news briefings during breaks in between work. The TVs  also help break the monotony of work. Other budget travellers may choose to go to The Ibis Budget Cardiff Centre. Those alighting from a train at Cardiff Central Railway Station or those coming from various events at the Millennium stadium can easily have a chance of enjoying the services offered here. There is an expansive free parking yard in front of this hotel and free internet connection within the hotel.

Copthorne Hotel Cardiff is another hotel with a serene environment for guests avoiding the hustles of city centre. Delectable dishes are available only in an award-winning restaurant within this hotel. A distinct feature of self-catering accommodation is found in Group Boutique Townhouses. It has fully equipped kitchens for those who prefer to cook their own meals. Last but not least among hotels in Cardiff is the Future Inn Hotel. It is equally an exciting place for those who do not want to tire themselves going far from the Millennium Stadium. A recommended choice for those who need to rest immediately after a busy day or just need to be around the stadium for various events.

For more information, just visit!

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Top Sights of Phuket

Among the many treasures Thailand has to offer to tourists, Phuket is the crown jewel. What makes Phuket so great is that you will always have attractions and things to do on the island. With so much to do on the Island you cannot imagine living in hotel where you will have to pay for the room service and other perks that they offer. For that reason you should consider getting one of the many Phuket apartments. You can get one of these to get the most of your time in this magical island.

Now that you know where to save your vacation money, it’s time you know about the top sights and things to do. When you get yourself lodging amongPhuket apartments you will be able to enjoy the beaches, the lush green forests and many other sights.

The emerald green waters of Phang Nga Bay

The Phang Nga Bay will make your vacation memorable as the bay gives you access to the one of a kind limestone cliffs. These come out straight out of the water and making it emerald. The bay also has boats that means you can tour nearby islands that include the famous James Bond Island and also the Koh Panyee.

The nostalgic old Phuket Town

As stated earlier, Phuket offers you many options to make your vacations memorable. This includes historical Phuket Town that reminds visitors of the Chinese and the Portuguese colonial times. Here you can sample local and Chinese cuisines in the many eateries along with historical buildings and sights. You can spend your afternoons in the town shopping for curious keepsakes while walking around taking pictures and enjoying local hustle and bustle.

The Big Buddha

Visitors coming to Phuket should visit the Big Buddha. Though it’s a new addition, the statue has attracted many. You can see it from the south side of the Island and is found on the Nakkerd Hills. You will be able to enjoy panoramic view of the area that includes Kata, Rawai and Chalong.

Right beside the statue is a shrine and an amazing golden image of the Big Buddha that has been made from brass. You can park your cars near here as there is ample parking space. Do take the map of the area so you can find places from the top.

Phi Phi Island

If you don’t believe in love at first sight, you will when you visit Phi Phi Island near Phuket. When you rent one of the many Phuket apartments you can rent a boat and travel to these magnificent islands. One of the main attractions of the country, Phi Phi Island can only be accessed through boat which takes you through transparent blue waters. You will find a sandy beach with lush green jungle awaiting you just like in the movies. Don’t miss out on them.

Phuket is one of the top destinations of the world for tourists. These are the few sights among the many more that you will find here. Make sure you get yourself a nice holiday rental to ensure you can explore every nook of the island.

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