Top Hotels in Edinburgh

The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is truly extraordinary. Apart from its breathtaking landscape, the city also has beautiful architecture and plenty of cultural attractions. For many visitors to the UK, Edinburgh is one of the must-see destinations. There are numerous excellent quality Edinburgh hotels where one can enjoy very good quality accommodation. This is quite varied and guests can choose from the cheap hotels in Edinburgh for the budget travellers or the luxury hotels in Edinburgh at the higher end of the market.

cheap hotels in edinburgh

cheap hotels in edinburgh

Edinburgh Sights and Sounds

When looking for accommodation in this iconic Scottish capital, it is important to have good background information on some of the top attractions in the city and determine whether they are easily accessible from your hotel in Edinburgh. The skyline of the city is dominated by the historic Edinburgh Castle with its magnificent views of the city. There are numerous natural attractions that guests visiting Edinburgh can explore during the day such as the Loch Ness, and the Glen Coe which are amongst Scotland’s most famous sites. There is also a spooky side to the city and you can explore some of the haunted dark corners of the city. Edinburgh hosts numerous events throughout the year and if you are a budget traveler, you can choose from any of the cheap hotels in Edinburgh.  The diversity of the accommodation options also means that you can choose from the plenty B&B and boutique hotels in Edinburgh.

Top Edinburgh Budget Hotels

There are ample cheap hotels in Edinburgh that you can choose from when looking for accommodation in the city. These range from the hostels to the B&B, and luxurious budget hotels in the city. The Art Roach is a basic hostel in the Edinburgh that offers good accommodation at dirt cheap prices. The Hostel is another popular accommodation option for the budget travellers. It is clean, elegant and minimalist.  The room rates at The Hostel are dirt cheap. At The George, you can get plenty of bang for your back. Apart from the excellent quality of accommodation, there is good access to some of Edinburgh’s top attractions.

The Fraser Suites is a budget accommodation that is designed for corporate travellers looking for more affordable options. It offers a total of 75 bedrooms which are well furnished and come with many amenities such as self-catering facilities and gym facilities. The Edinburgh Central is another popular budget accommodation option in the city. The facilities are basic but it is clean, modern and offers excellent value for money.

You can stay at Channings if you are visiting Edinburgh for some festival or event. The hotel is particularly popular with many visiting Edinburgh for the August book festival. The 41 rooms at the Channings are different and unique but offer varying levels of luxury to guests. Apart from the unique styling, the service quality is excellent.

There are many other budget hotels Edinburgh establishments that you can opt for when visiting the city. These include the 3-star Premier Inn Edinburgh, the 4-star Apex City Hotel, the Jurys Inn Hotel Edinburgh City Centre, the easyHotel Edinburgh, the Apex European and the Travelodge Hotel – Edinburgh Central amongst many others.

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